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In a motion picture industry now dominated by studio giants which run on overheads approaching a billion dollars a year, with countless resources in terms of talent, organizational strength and capital, NeoClassics Films is a true independent distributor of feature-length motion pictures intended for initial theatrical release.


NeoClassics Films distributes and licenses its acquired product on a worldwide basis through initial theatrical release, as well as to the ancillary and tertiary markets, with emphasis on direct distribution in all media for the United States, Canada and The United Kingdom, and licensing in other key markets overseas.


Managed by a core of experienced and highly successful industry professionals, its mission is to develop into a viable long-term competitor of quality distribution companies such as Miramax, Sony Classics and Fox Searchlight, while retaining its true creative independence, creating substantial returns and building long-term value for its investor-owners in the process.


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"What exactly is an Independent Film?"

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Hollywood Reporter - Independent Issue Cover Featuring

NeoClassics Films Ltd.

August 29 - Sept. 1, 2008


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